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The Truth Squad

Meet the team from GrowthBusters rising early each day to highlight examples of pro-growth bias in the media, awakening the journalists and enlightening the commentators who base what they write on unexamined assumptions about the feasibility and desirability of everlasting growth:

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner

I directed the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked On Growth, to point out the lunacy of our culture’s worship of growth everlasting. I work full-time on the non-profit GrowthBusters project, which supports screenings of the film, a steady stream of informative posts on Facebook, an audacious Blog, speaking engagements, interviews, and humorous videos on our YouTube channel. Growth Bias Busted is just one more thing to keep me from spending time doing my patriotic duty shopping at the mall.

Lynsey Jones

Lynsey Jones

When I’m not working on groundbreaking documentaries like GrowthBusters: Hooked On Growth you’ll probably find me globetrotting, hiking, kayaking, or bouldering.  I am a filmmaker with a passion for social change and environmental sustainability. It dawned on me at a young age that our obsession with population growth and consumption are the underlying issues for almost every other problem facing our planet. And the corruption in the media reinforces these harmful and false notions daily.  As a member of the small, but committed GrowthBusters staff, I am now happy to be a part of the Growth Bias Busted Truth Squad!

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Reporting & commentary that assume eternal growth is feasible, good, and necessary for prosperity.

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Reporting & commentary that recognize growth has limits, costs, and consequences.

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